I often hear pregnant couples say they can't afford a childbirth class. They have doctor bills to pay, nurseries to decorate, and carseats to buy, a childbirth class is just not in the budget and why do they need it anyway? Women have been having babies for forever, what is there to know? Well, there's LOTS to know and you DO need it! Birth Boot Camp is a 10 week, comprehensive and up-to-date class that truly prepares couples for a natural childbirth and the postpartum period. Preparation is important. Here are 6 ways you CAN afford a childbirth class.


  1. Learn how to keep costs down. Interventions cost money. Insurance coverage varies from policy to policy and may not fully cover all the extras, so keeping them to a minimum can benefit the bottom line. Avoiding unnecessary interventions also helps the course of labor and is beneficial to you and your baby. If interventions do become necessary, we teach you how to navigate your choices, risks vs benefits, and informed consent so you can feel confident that the best decisions were made for you and your baby. We also teach relaxation exercises and other pain management techniques that can greatly reduce your need or desire for pain medication during your labor. Saving money and making healthy decisions at every turn! Win!


  2. Carefully choose your birth place.  You will learn about the medical & midwifery models of care, the Mother-Friendly initiative, and the pros and cons of each birth type of birth setting. We discuss how your insurance can affect your choices and how to make decisions based on your needs, desires, and budget.


  3. Stay healthy. We teach the benefits of nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, helping you to stay low risk. We give you a practical and easy to follow diet rich in a variety of whole foods. We also have an awesome exercise program to help prepare your body for labor and ease many discomforts of pregnancy. Staying healthy and low risks decreases your chances of needing costly tests and interventions. Again, keeping more money in your pocket for classes AND those cute cloth diapers you've been eyeballing!


  4. Your wedding coordinator cost way more! In the same way your wedding coordinator knows the ropes of the wedding world and helped you prepare for your big day, your childbirth educator knows the birth world and can help you prepare for the birth day of your baby. It is important to start building your network and she can help you make the connections you'll need for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She can hook you up with natural friendly care providers, midwives, chiropractors, doulas, lactation consultants, La Leche League, and other resources in your community. Connecting with professionals can help you get the personalized care you need which can help you save money and/or avoid costly mistakes.  Your educator is a valuable resource to you.   It is also fun to connect with other couples in your class who are in the same boat as you!


  5. One stop shopping. There is a lot that goes into preparing for birth and parenthood and there are lots of classes available to help you get ready. Birthing, breastfeeding, newborn care, cloth diapering, exercise, baby wearing, daddy prep, etc, etc. One could easily spend a several hundred dollars here and there attending these classes and it would be totally worth the expense but why not get it all in one class AND save money? Birth Boot Camp offers all of the above PLUS in one series. Couples also receive a 3 hour breastfeeding DVD so you have something to reference over and over again throughout your breastfeeding career. You are fully prepared for labor, birth, and caring for a newborn (as much a new parent can be, anyway!)


  6. Be creative!  If after all this classes still seem out of the budget then get creative. Some teachers will offer payment plans or even bartering part of the cost of class. Offer your services to her! There is one teacher who opens up one more spot in a full class and offers a discount on the "back row seats."  It's not the prime spot in class but the discount is easy on the wallet.  I encourage you to talk to your local instructor, be creative and see what you can work out!


Education is the key to having a great birth! Birth Boot Camp classes are a great way to get everything you need to be prepared and help you save money along the way. You CAN afford classes!


Happy budgeting!