Dads needs classes, too.

Posted by  cheryl  Apr 17, 2014

Dads often wonder why it's important for them to attend classes or what they gain from them.  Dads are an important part of the birth team and Birth Boot Camp gives dad the tools he needs to support his partner through the birth of their baby!  Here are a few things he gets to put in the birth arsenal....

Comfort measures:  Dads leave each class with a new, physical way to help during labor.  We demonstrate in class, practice, and talk about how & why they can be helpful to a laboring mom.

Education:  It can be hard watching someone you love experience pain.  Education can alleviate  the fear and unknowns about birth and what she may experience during each stage of labor.  We give dads the "road map" of labor so he can feel confident in knowing what to expect and what is normal in labor and birth.

Research:  Dads like evidence so we give dads (and mom!) the evidence they need about birth, medications, birth place choices, care providers, interventions, and much more so they can arm themselves with information and make the best choices for their family.

Risks vs Benefits:  There may be a time and place for everything but how are you able to recognize what's what when the time comes?  We teach you about informed consent, making decisions and navigating your choices.

Other players:  Dads are a major player in birth but we don't expect you to know everything.  You will learn about  other birth professionals that can benefit mom and dad during pregnancy and birth.  We talk about doulas, chiropractors, massage therapists, lactaction consultants and how they each enhance the experience in their own way. 

Having a well educated partner can make all the difference to a laboring mom.  My goal is to empower each couple to have the best birth experience possible! 

Happy learning, friends!