Three Must-Have Items for Baby

Posted by  cheryl  Oct 19, 2017

This is post 4 of 4!  We made it!  See post 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here

So today's list is going to be super short because honestly, babies don't need much.  Babies R Us would disagree with my statement, but every veteran mama knows what babies *really* need.  Read on!

1. Breasts or bottles:  Every family makes the choice to breastfeed or bottle feed for different reasons and I totally and completely respect that choice.  There is one rule though: FEED THE BABY!  

2. Diapers: Again, you have choices. So. Many. Choices.  You can choose disposable and there are a million brands and prices ranges and opinions on which are the best.  You can choose cloth and again, there are a million brands, prices ranges, and opinion on which are best.  You can do some combination of both.  You can even forgo the dipes altogether and train up those potty users from the very beginning.  Have a plan, ask around, research your options and have fun!  

3. Baby carrier:  I didn't know about baby carriers until baby #3 and my midwife sent me straightaway to the baby store to buy my newbie a sling.  Best thing I ever did.  Not even kidding.  Babies like to be held and mamas like to get things done.  A carrier accomplished BOTH!  Brilliant! Here's a post about types of carriers to get you started.  Here is my personal favorite sling that I loved to death.  Literally.

Told ya it was short.  Love on those babies, mamas.  That's really all they need.  Well, love and the three things above.  Happy babymooning!