What my couples are saying!

We had a hospital birth with our first and wanted to try the "all natural" way with the second. Well, even though we went through labor, I had no idea just how little I knew! Cheryl is funny and informative and very supportive of all the decisions that go into birth. She is very knowledgeable and not only answers your questions, but most likely has a scenario to help describe it better. And how about that crochet placenta! I highly recommend her class, and I can't wait to apply all that we've learned when our baby comes in January. -Camila A.

We just finished our 10 classes with Cheryl at Birth Boot Camp and it was nothing less than amazing! Some of the information can be awkward and dry (especially for first time couples) but she made it so fun and informative. She was able to teach the information in a way that will stick in your mind later on during labor and delivery. My husband and I are so excited to apply everything we've learned to our own birth in just a few short weeks!  -Megan W.

My husband and I had our first child almost seven years ago in a hospital, fully medicated and it was an overall bad experience for me. I wanted to try natural birth for our second and had the emotional support I needed but was majorly lacking in confidence and knowledge. This class was extremely informative and covered every stage of pregnancy, self-care, breastfeeding and even some infant care. Cheryl is a very knowledgeable teacher who is laid back and funny and keeps everyone interested, even the husbands! She makes you 100% comfortable to ask any questions and even share concerns. My husband and I started the class nervous about natural birth, and unsure if I could handle it and we both left excited about the experience and confident in our abilities to work together to have an amazing birth experience. If you are a first-time mommy or a first-time natural birther - I HIGHLY recommend you take Cheryl's Birth Boot Camp! -Maddie C.

Cheryl is an awesome BBC instructor! I had so much anxiety of the unknown before I started her classes. She helped turn my anxiety into confidence.  I feel like I can accomplish a natural labor and have a gratifying experience. She also recommended an awesome BBC doula for me who has worked previously with my care provider! I will recommend her class to everyone!!! <3 -Amy P.

Cheryl is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and presents the material in such a way that made it fun and easy to retain. Would recommend this class to anyone! -Hope B.

Cheryl is the best! What an amazing human being. You deserve to know her! - Sarah Clark (aka Mama Birth)

We were looking for an informative class about childbirth, and luckily found Cheryl's Birth Boot Camp. Her class was not only comprehensive, but entertaining, and her laid back style made it easy for asking questions. We love Cheryl, she made our birth experience a well-informed one. -Kristina R.

Amazing class that truly prepared us for our birth experience. Cheryl made sure that we left this course having every question answered. This course even helped us find answers to questions we did not even know we had! -Megan F.

We are first time parents and I think it's important to take some classes before your LO arrives. This 10 class program is amazing! Cheryl is excellent explaining all about birth, breastfeeding and postpartum care! I really recommend first time moms and dads to take this course, you will feel more prepared and confident. -Mayra G.

We took this class recently to prepare for the home birth of our second child. I always looked forward to coming to class, not just because it gave us confidence that we could do this (again), but because of Cheryl's disposition. Her approach to instruction is interactive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She really made all of us feel supported and at home in our class circle. She's also hilarious! And her collection of knitted (crocheted?) anatomical parts is admirable. As far as the BBC curriculum itself, I really wish we'd signed up for our FIRST birth as it's very comprehensive. Better late than never though! -Holly M.

Cheryl is amazing! We took a 10 week Birth Boot Camp with her and the class seemed to fly by. Her easy going personality makes you feel quickly at ease. She brings her own experience to the table and answers all questions! If she doesn't have an answer she quickly finds one. I feel very ready for birth now that I have taken her class! -Shannon M.

This class taught us all we needed to know and all we didn't know we needed to know. She made the scary things seem less scary and has given us the confidence we need to have the best birth we can for our child no mater how that ends up looking. -Tyler M.


We took a refresher course with Cheryl to prepare for our second home birth. The class was exactly what my husband and I needed to get our minds & hearts ready to receive our second son. Cheryl has a huge heart for moms & babies. Her love & knowledge for birth are so evident in her teaching. I highly recommend taking her classes to prepare yourself for your amazing birth! -Kacy B.