4 Reasons I Love 2 & 3 Year Olds

Posted by  cheryl  Aug 2, 2017

Toddlers get a bum rap.  The "terrible twos" and "threenagers" are all people seem to say about the toddler years.  As a mom of 6, I agree they can be hard, but every age and stage comes with its challenges. Toddlers have a unique quality about them that only lasts a short time.  Two and three year olds are my favorites and here's why......


1. They can communicate - One of the hardest part of the baby stage for me is the whole communication thing.  I did some baby sign language with my first couple of babies and it was helpful, but nothing like being able to use real actual WORDS!  Even when they don't have a full vocabulary or it's still hard to understand them, they do a pretty good job of getting their point across.  It's a game changer for me!

           "The can say "thank you" for breastfeeding them!!! It is so nice to be thanked for all that hard work by the person who is benefiting most!" - Hailie Wolfe (childbirth educator and doula)

           "It's a bittersweet thing that toddlers begin to grasp so much and communicate like humans because they can use it again you!"  - Nikki Pope (mompreneur)

           "No eating chocolate in the closet, mommy, you know the rules, we eat at the table." - chocolate hound toddler of Jessica Rushing (mompreneur)

2. They are creative - Watching their little personalities change and blossom is so, so fun!  They make up games, pretend they are cats, fire fighters, Spider-Man, and fancy ladies.  They are learning animal sounds, letters, drawing, and using their imaginations!  It's fun to watch them learn and explore.  They are learning to be independent little people and I love it so much!  

            "My oldest pretended to be a dog named BontoBa.  He wore shoes on his hands and carried around a bag of spinach that was his dog food.  We had to call him BontoBa at all times."

            "Toddlers>Teens!"  - Lora Casco (childbirth educator and doula)

3. They are FUNNY! - They make up jokes, mispronounce new words, perfect dance moves, make random observations, notice things you'd never expect!  The sense of humor of a toddler is hysterical! 

             "We call the zoo the zoob."

             "They are so cute and funny. I love how they are like little sponges absorbing everything. It's so fun watching them learn new things at such a rapid speed." - Nikki Goodale (childbirth educator)

4. They can say "I love you!" - This y'all.  This makes all the fits, tantrums, and meltdowns forgiven (maybe forgotten? ha!).  The sweet kiss, knock-ya-over hug, and an "I lub you, mommy" from that crazy little person makes everything worth it.  So incredibly worth it. 

             "I love them because they are so sweet and cuddly. They're still so baby-like, but their increasing independence gives me room to breathe. It can be hard to get through those infamous tantrums, but it is so much easier to empathize with a little being who just doesn't know any better. They have the same big feelings I do in such a little body, yet they haven't had nearly as much time to practice handling them. Their sweet little baby faces and kisses melt away those tough moments."  - Kristi Keen (childbirth educator and doula)

             "They bounce back so quickly. I'm always amazed at how my 3 year old can be in full on attack mode with her sisters, and two seconds later she's giggling and showering them with kisses. If only I had a heart of gold like that!" - Callie Corless (childbirth educator and doula)


I will be legitimately sad when I am out of toddlers in my house.  They are my favorite.  <3

Keep up the good work, mamas.  It's hard work but so much fun!